Utrecht Uitfeest 13/09/2009

Most Unpleasant Men @ Uitfeest 13-09-2009-0521, originally uploaded by jorg @ roosma dot net.

Most Unpleasant Men @ Uitfeest 13-09-2009-0553 Most Unpleasant Men @ Uitfeest 13-09-2009-0539 

Most Unpleasant Men

Lilian Hak @ Uitfeest 13-09-2009-0586 by you.

Lilian Hak @ Uitfeest 13-09-2009-0571 Lilian Hak @ Uitfeest 13-09-2009-0578

Lilian Hak

Aestrid (Bo Menning solo) @ Uitfeest 13-09-2009-0499 by you. 

Bo Menning / Aestrid (solo)

JAE @ Uitfeest 13-09-2009-0483 by you.


Metro Mortale @ Uitfeest 13-09-2009-0431 by you.

Metro Mortale

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Bo Menning (Aestrid)

Bo Menning (Aestrid)

Bo Menning (Aestrid), originally uploaded by jorg @ roosma dot net.

Photo shoot with Bo Menning, “main man” behind the band Aestrid.


Bo Menning (Aestrid) by you.